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23 August 2023

A Day of Discovery and Connections at BGL REGTECH 2023

The BGL REGTECH 2023 event buzzed with excitement as industry professionals gathered at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Among them was Daniel Surjenko, Partner at Superannuation Audit Services, on a mission to explore the latest advancements and meet fellow experts. The event was a window into the future, showcasing the power of technology, collaboration, and innovation.

Daniel wasted no time diving into the array of booths and talks, eager to pick up insights that could reshape his industry. One standout was the Cloudoffis stand, where he had a chance to reconnect with Clint Estavilla, Head of Sales at Cloudoffis. Their chat epitomized the event's spirit of networking and shared learning, bridging different corners of the industry.

The heart of BGL REGTECH 2023 was its theme of leveraging technology, human expertise, and efficient processes to drive growth. This wasn't just a lofty concept; it was a practical guide for individuals, teams, and clients to thrive in changing times. The event underlined the idea that adaptability and innovation are the keys to success in any field.

The numbers highlighted the event's significance. With 20 exhibitors showcasing their innovations and a crowd of over 1,000 delegates, the energy was undeniable. The mix of perspectives and experiences set the stage for fruitful exchanges and new ideas.

BGL REGTECH 2023 succeeded in encouraging attendees to think ahead and embrace the potential of technology and teamwork. It revealed that in the dynamic world of industry, success comes to those ready to embrace change and stay ahead.

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