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23 September 2023

The ATO’s self-managed super fund quarterly statistical report - June 2023, has been released.


Highlights include:

• There are 610,287 SMSFs
• There are 1,130,640 members of SMSFs
• The total estimated assets of SMSFs are $876.4 billion
• The top asset types held by SMSFs (by value) are:
listed shares (30% of total estimated SMSF assets)
cash and term deposits (17%)
• 53% of SMSF members are male and 47% are female
• 87% of SMSF members are 45 years or older.

This report also provides an update of the annual SMSF population analysis tables for 2017-18 to 2021-22, based on SMSF annual return data.


Highlights for 2021-22 include:

• The average assets per SMSF member were $780,000
• The average assets per SMSF were $1.5 million
• Member contributions into SMSFs were $16.3 billion
• Employer contributions into SMSFs were $5.7 billion.

For more detailed information read the full report that includes data about:

• SMSF fund and member demographics
• Estimates on SMSF asset holdings
• Annual 'flows' in and out of SMSFs.

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