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22 November 2023

Reviewing SMSF Auditors Day Melbourne 2023: A Professional Insight

Pictured above: Denise and Daniel (left) of Superannuation Audit Services pictured with The Auditors Institute Directors.

A Strategic Evaluation of SMSF Auditing Dynamics

Denise Surjenko, Founder and Partner, and Daniel Surjenko, Partner at Superannuation Audit Services, recently participated in the SMSF Auditors Day Melbourne 2023, organized by The Auditors Institute.

A Refined Symposium

Situated at Pullman Albert Park on November 17, 2023, the SMSF Auditors Day served as a comprehensive forum for SMSF professionals. The event transcended superficial discussions, providing a platform for industry leaders to share deeper insights and practical knowledge crucial for effective self-managed superannuation fund auditing management.

Parsing Legislative Nuances

A primary focus of the symposium was an extensive analysis of the latest legislative changes. Given the constant evolution of regulatory frameworks, understanding and interpreting these updates are imperative for SMSF professionals. The event facilitated an exploration of these changes, equipping attendees like Denise and Daniel to navigate the intricate landscape of compliance.

Strategic Counsel and Practical Wisdom

Beyond legal considerations, the SMSF Auditors Day delved into strategic and practical dimensions. In-depth discussions revolved around effective strategies for optimising SMSF auditing practices, offering valuable insights for professionals aiming to further enhance service delivery and client outcomes.

Superannuation Audit Services: A Commitment to Excellence

Denise and Daniel Surjenko, representing Superannuation Audit Services, actively engaged with the wealth of knowledge presented at the event. Their participation underscores a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and exemplifies dedication to providing high-calibre SMSF auditing services.

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